Copy of Important COVID 19 Health Advice

 For important COVID-19 health advice, visit the Government page for information and updates.



Vaccination Exemptions: 


The 24 Hour Surgery does not provide vaccination exemption certificates.

Please refer to vaccination exemption information from the Ministry of Health.

Further information on exemptions will available in mid-November 2021 on the Ministry of Health website.




Find out what to expect when visiting the 24 Hour Surgery under Alert Level 2

Not sure if you should come to 24 Hour Surgery?

If you’re unwell with an illness or injury and have not been overseas or in contact with a suspect or known COVID-19 case, call your family doctor for advice or information 24/7. Phoning your GP after hours will connect you with free health advice.

Healthline is available to call 24 hours per day/7 days a week on 0800 611 116 for free health advice, including interpreter services and NZ Relay Services. Healthline is recommended if you don’t have a family doctor, if you feel unwell but aren’t sure if you need to see a doctor, if you want advice for an unwell family member or friend that you’re with.

Healthpoint is available for advice on finding services near you.


Once you arrive:

When you arrive at 24 Hour Surgery, you’ll be greeted at the entrance and asked some questions regarding your illness/injury and potential for COVID-19 contact/symptoms.


We’re experiencing high volumes, at present, due to an increase in upper respiratory illness.

We triage people as they come in and people are prioritised depending on their symptoms.

Our team are working hard to see you as quickly as possible. You will be seen but there may be a wait.


If there is a chance you or your whānau have COVID-19 symptoms, you’ll be asked to wear a mask and use hand sanitiser. A nurse will discuss your risk of COVID-19 with you and will direct you in the next appropriate step. You’ll be asked to have one support person only, who must also wear a mask.

  • Physical distancing is in place.  Chairs have been moved to facilitate physical distancing but wearing a mask is important for when this may not be able to be maintained

  • Have one support person.  You’ll only be able to take one support person in with you, in order to support physical distancing

  • You may be asked to wait in your car.  On arrival, you may be asked to wait in your car. If you’re feeling too unwell or unsafe to do so, please advise staff

  • Streaming patients.  Patients with COVID-like symptoms may be asked to wait in a separate area, to ensure appropriate distancing, and staff will use appropriate PPE.


If you think you or your whānau have COVID-19 symptoms:


In a medical emergency – CALL 111 

Medical emergencies include:

  • chest pain or tightness
  • difficulty breathing
  • choking
  • severe bleeding or bleeding that won’t stop
  • sudden weakness or difficulty talking
  • fainting or unconsciousness


Call (not visit) your family doctor for advice or information 24/7.



Urgent CARE

We’re open 24 hours a day, every
day for you and your family when your own doctor is not available.

We provide urgent medical and accident care and are nominated by over 320 General Practitioners in Christchurch as the preferred provider of after hours care for their patients.

As we are an Urgent Care Clinic and do not have enrolled patients, we strongly recommend that you do enrol with a General Practice and utilise our services only when your GP is not available. Being enrolled with a GP provides you with numerous benefits including continuity of care, better access to health services and reduced fees. To find a GP in your area, please use the Locate a Pegasus Health GP tool on the Pegasus Health website.


  • Urgent Care
    You can see us for any urgent medical issue that you would otherwise see your GP for, as well as accident related injuries such as sprains, cuts or broken bones.
  • Fracture Service
    We have a specialised fracture service and encourage you to see us if you think you have broken a bone, instead of going to hospital.