How do I contact the 24 Hour Surgery?

When is the best time to visit?

How long will I need to wait?

Does it cost to visit the 24 Hour Surgery?

Will my usual Dr know I have visited the 24 Hour Surgery?

Who works at the 24 Hour Surgery?

What services do you have there?

If I have had an x-ray, how do I get my results?

How do I get my blood test results?



How do I contact the 24 Hour Surgery?

You can reach us by phoning 365 7777. You can select options to speak with a variety of our staff including Reception, Accounts staff and an independent nurse assistance line whom you can speak with if you are seeking medical advice. Our reception and independent nurse assistance line are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


When is the best time to visit?

You can visit us anytime. We are open 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – we never close. 

Our busiest times are between 9am - 2pm and 5 - 8pm. We are available to see you whenever you need us, however if you visit us outside of these hours your waiting time will most likely be shorter.


How long will I need to wait?

Waiting times vary greatly depending on the time of day you visit us, how many other patients are waiting and also the severity of your problem.

We operate a triage system to ensure patients with life-threatening or urgent conditions are given priority. This may be why some patients who arrive after you are seen first.

You can be assured that when your turn comes, the doctor will give your problem the time it deserves.

You are welcome to call us on 365 7777 to ask the Receptionist what the estimated wait time is before you come in.


Does is cost to visit the 24 Hour Surgery?

Yes, it does cost to visit us. We are a private, not-for-loss organisation that is owned by Pegasus Health Charitable Ltd. We receive minimal funding from the government, and therefore, just like your usual GP, charge for our services. We are ACC accredited and can therefore treat ACC cases. You may need to pay an ACC surcharge when you visit us for an accident related injury.

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Will my usual Doctor know I have visited the 24 Hour Surgery?

Yes, unless you request otherwise, your doctor will be automatically sent your patient notes and any test results from your consultation with us.  This ensures that your doctor is aware of your condition and can ensure continuity of care for you.


Who works at the 24 Hour Surgery?

We are staffed by doctors and nurses who are employed by the 24 Hour Surgery as well as GPs from Christchurch who work on a rostered basis.

All our doctors are experienced general practitioners, some having completed additional study in accident and medical care.

Our nursing team have a wide range of experience in emergency care, many with specialised skills in child health, care of fractures, wounds and acute medical care.

We have visiting specialists who provide post acute follow up clinics for a range of conditions.

We also have a team of reception and administrative staff overseeing the running of the surgery.


otoscopesmallWhat Services do you have there?

  • Urgent Medical Care - We have a team of doctors and nurses trained in general practice medical care. You can visit us with any urgent medical issue that you would otherwise see your GP for.  
  • Urgent Accident Care - We are an ACC accredited accident and medical service provider and can take care of you if you injure yourself. Our specialised staff are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue injuries and fractures including cuts, sprains and broken bones. 
  • Specialist led Fracture Service - We have a specialised fracture service and encourage you to see us if you think you have broken a bone, instead of going to hospital. Our radiology service allows for a complete diagnosis of your injury onsite and we have an Orthopaedic surgeon, Senior Medical Officers and Orthopaedic nurses available to treat your injury (including plaster) at a very low cost until you have recovered.
  • 5 Bed Hospital Standard Observation Unit - If you need extra care and monitoring, we have a 5 bed observation unit with hospital level care for no extra charge.
  • Acute Community Care Team – Funded by Te Whatu Ora, this service is provided by the Acute Community Nursing, (comprised of nurses from Pegasus Health and Nurse Maude). The service is designed to support and assist general practice teams in helping patients who are acutely unwell to remain in their own home for their treatment.
  • X-Ray - Pacific Radiology (Christchurch Radiology Group) operate a radiology and x-ray service onsite from 8am - 11pm, Monday to Friday and 9am - 11pm, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Diagnostic tests - We provide diagnostic testing including blood tests to assist with patient treatment.


If I have had an x-ray, how do I get my results?

If you have an x-ray, the doctor at the 24 Hour Surgery will look at your x-ray results and treat you accordingly.

As a safety measure, all x-rays are checked the next day by a Radiologist (x-ray specialist) who is trained to identify abnormalities that would otherwise be missed.

If this is the case with your x-ray, we will contact you when the Radiologist’s report is issued and advise you if any further treatment is required.

However, if you have not heard from us and you are concerned that your symptoms are not improving, please either contact us or your GP immediately.


How do I get my Blood Test Results?

If you have had a blood test taken and are enrolled with a GP in Canterbury, the results will be forwarded to your GP and you will be expected to contact them for the results.

If you do not have a regular GP, you can call the 24 Hour Surgery to obtain your results.

If your results require urgent action, you will be contacted either by us or your regular GP.