Sport Injuries

sportscardWe have expertise in managing acute sports injuries and offer a discounted sports injury programme for players of clubs and schools who are part of our Sports Card Programme.

We know that sometimes the cost of seeing a doctor can affect the choices you make about your health and people often don’t get their injuries treated soon enough.

The 24 Hour Surgery has a programme to help make sports injury care affordable for registered sports organisations and large sporting schools. Christchurch Hospital is supporting this programme as it encourages people to have their sports injuries treated in the community, saving capacity in the Emergency Department for people who need hospital care.

The 24 Hour Surgery has comprehensive facilities and a medical team who are highly skilled in treating sports injuries. We are open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and have x-ray facilities available every day until 11pm.

The sports card programme enables selected sports organisations and schools in Christchurch to access this expertise and save around $50 on a consultation.

Sports Injury Programme - Members Entitlements:

  • A doctor consultation and x-ray if required for a single fee of $30 – saving you up to $50.
  • If we diagnose a fracture, we will refer you to our specialist fracture service where consultations are free.
  • Offer available after 6pm weeknights and anytime on weekends. No appointment necessary.

All cards with expired dates will be honoured by the 24 Hour Surgery at this time.

Membership to the sports injury programme is free and there are no contracts to sign.  We provide your members with a discount card to present at the 24 Hour Surgery if they seek treatment from us.

We have many Canterbury clubs, schools and sporting organisations already utilising this programme, including Canterbury Cricket.

Canterbury Cricket has a very positive partnership with Pegasus Health. They have supported us at grassroots level in a way that adds considerable value and saves money for our cricket players. The use of the $30 sports injury programme has been welcomed and embraced by our players who play across the Christchurch cricket fields every Saturday in summer. The ability to receive prompt service at a very affordable level has meant that our players have had injuries treated when previously they may have gone unattended.”

- Lee Germon, CEO Canterbury Cricket

To find out more about the programme, or to register your sports club or school, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Conditions of Use

The Sports Injury Discount Programme (the Programme) is solely available for the treatment of sporting injuries at the Pegasus Health 24 Hour Surgery that are subject to a valid ACC claim.

The Programme is only available for injuries that are sustained while participating in an organised sporting activity for an approved member organisation.

Sporting Clubs, Schools or other Education Providers can apply to join the Programme by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Pegasus Health 24 Hour Surgery will decide at its sole discretion whether to approve an application by an organisation to join the Programme.

The Pegasus Health 24 Hour Surgery reserves the right to terminate this offer at any time without notice. We will attempt to advise all members of the Programme in writing of any changes to the structure or benefits of the Programme. Current Conditions of Use and benefits of the Programme will be published on the Pegasus Health 24 Hour Surgery website.

Approved members of the Programme will be provided with membership cards for distribution to their enrolled students or club membership.

Access to the Sports Injury Discount Programme’s discounted fee requires presentation of the membership card or acceptable identification of club membership or enrolment.

Access to the Sports Injury Discount Programme’s discounted fee requires full payment of the balance of the charges at the time of the consultation.

Any abuse of these Conditions of Use may result in the rejection of any individual discount request under the Programme, removal of future access to discounts under the Programme or removal of a member organisation from the Programme.