Your Visit


Upon arrival, you will need to see the receptionist who will take your details.

During busy after hours periods, we have a Triage nurse who may assess your condition. This system is to ensure patients with urgent conditions are given priority. This may be why some patients who arrive after you are seen first. Be assured that when your turn comes, the doctor will give your problem the time it deserves.

You will then be asked to wait in our waiting areas for your consultation.

Waiting Areas

We have a comfortable waiting area with some options to make your wait more pleasant.

Free WiFi is available in the waiting areas. Please see the posters in the waiting rooms for login information. 

Free activitiy packsare available for children. Children’s DVDs are also available to watch in the family room. Please ask at reception.

As our waiting room area is limited, we ask that you only bring with you the people that you need to for your visit.

eyeroomsmallYour Consultation

Prior to your consultation, you will be seen by a nurse. They will ask you for more detailed information about your condition to provide to the doctor or nurse practitioner. You will then be seen by a doctor or nurse practitioner for your consultation. A nurse or healthcare assistant may also be present to assist with your care.

The team will talk to you about what to do next if you need ongoing care. You will usually be referred back to your own GP for follow up, however, this will depend on the nature of your condition.

You will be advised if you need to come back and see us for another consultation.

Notes from your visit will be sent electronically to your own doctor, unless you request otherwise.

After Your Consultation

You will be given any paperwork you require and will be asked to pay your bill. See fees and payment below for more information.

How We Work with Your GP

Over 320 GPs in Canterbury are members of the 24 Hour Surgery and nominate us as their preferred choice for care of their patients when they are unavailable.

When you visit the 24 Hour Surgery, your notes will be sent back to your GP so they are aware of the treatment you have received and any diagnostic tests that have been done.  This is to ensure that you receive continuity of care and any necessary follow up care can be managed by your usual GP.

If you do not have a usual GP and would like to find one, please use our Locate a Pegasus Health GP tool on the Pegasus Health website.

Fees and Payment

View our Fee Schedule

Payment Policy:

  • We do require payment at the time of the visit.
  • We accept all major credit cards, eftpos and cash.
  • We only issue accounts by prior arrangement or in exceptional circumstances.