Fracture Service

fracturesmallWe have a specialised fracture service and encourage you to see us if you think you have broken a bone, instead of going to hospital. Our Radiology service allows for a complete diagnosis of your injury onsite. The specialised fracture team is led by an orthopaedic specialist and staffed with senior medical officers and experienced orthopaedic nurses, who are available to treat your injury (including plaster) at a very low cost until you have recovered.

This service provides you with the quality and safety of expert doctors without having to go to hospital. The fracture team will communicate with your GP at every stage of your treatment plan to ensure your GP is well informed and remains at the centre of your recovery.

You can either come straight to the 24 Hour Surgery if you suspect you have a fracture or your GP can refer you to our Fracture Service.

When certain injuries are diagnosed, we may need to refer patients acutely to hospital, or onto another service, who are best suited to manage that type of injury. We hope that our service makes the transition to a new provider seamless and comfortable for patients.

Radiology service

Pacific Radiology operate the onsite radiology and x-ray service. The x-ray service is available between 8am and 11pm, Monday - Friday and 9am and 11pm, Saturday and Sunday.