Work & Play in Christchurch

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Looking for an environment where you are challenged at work and get to go home and play?

The Pegasus Health 24 Hour Surgery in Christchurch, New Zealand could be for you.

Renowned for its supportive team environment, interesting clinical case load and providing a great work life balance, the 24 Hour Surgery has been attracting Medical Officers and Nurses from the UK and beyond for many years.

If you think that skiing or surfing in the morning and working a night shift later that day seems like a dream, we can make it your reality. With the mountains located 1/1/2 hours from Christchurch city centre, and the beach just 15 minutes away, this is something our Doctors and Nurses enjoy on a regular basis.

Just ask Dr Ollie de Brett and his partner Dr Eva Chakraborti who relocated here early 2014 from the UK, (and have already extended their stay).

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"Working here, we have a fantastic work life balance. They have accommodated me and my partner Ollie working together and our roster suits our lifestyles." Dr Eva Chakraborti


“The Port Hills are a real draw for running and cycling, and to have the mountains so close for skiing is great. It is incredible to have that raw natural beauty so close to the city centre.” Dr Ollie de Brett


About the 24 Hour Surgery

We have been providing urgent medical and accident care 24 hour care 7 days a week to the people of Christchurch for nearly 30 years

We play an integral part of the health system in Christchurch, in both a primary care and intermediate care roles, assisting both General Practice and Hospitals when they are at capacity. We have the ability to work up with access to rapid labs and imaging to decide if patients can be safely managed in the community and thus reduce pressure on hospital beds. This wider scope of practice provides an environment that is both challenging and satisfying.

Staffed by over 100 people, in both clinical and support services roles, we deliver care to around 75,000 patients annually. Our doctors are specially trained to provide general practice and accident and urgent related medical care and our nursing team have a wide range of experience in primary and emergency care, with many having specialised skills in child health, care of fractures, wounds and acute medical care.

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"The 24 Hour Surgery environment is like a family one. Everyone has a great working relationship and the team went out of their way to help us set up our lives here." Dr Ollie de Brett

We are supported by over 320 General Practitioners in Christchurch who nominate us as their preferred provider of afterhours care for their patients and whom also work with us on a rostered basis. This relationship that is greatly valued by our community.

A Fracture Service, 5 Bed Observation Unit, Radiology and Diagnostic services and an Urgent Pharmacy are available on site.

"At the 24 Hour Surgery, I have experienced a diverse range of work. Working in this environment I feel like I have broadened my skill set and have gained valuable experience to further my career." Dr Eva Chakraborti


About Christchurch

Despite the shaky ground we have experienced of late, Christchurch is still a great place to live, work and play! Our city is now well and truly on the mend and the rebuild is creating some amazingly innovative shops, bars, cafes and gap filling activities appearing all around the city.

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“There is a real, positive energy in Christchurch and a sense of social community. People are picking themselves up post quake and looking to the future. There is still everything here you want from city life and lots of innovative, funky things popping up around the city all the time.” Dr Ollie de Brett






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